​​Janet Rutherford Guertin, President


Strategy and Business Development

As part of my Business Development Consulting services, I leverage John Maxwell's proven leadership methods and principles. As a Certified John Maxwell Team Member, I have a variety of resources based upon John's books and teaching to bring to your teams. My favorite teachings I delivered this year include: Purposeful Priorities and Developing The Leader Within You 2.0 Lunch and Learn. I am looking forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming a successful leader that wins new business!

Since February 2021, I've taken a break from The Dividend Factor, LLC while prioritizing employment with General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS).

My family, colleagues and customers know how much I enjoy working for GDMS, so I made the transition back to a full-time employee doing Strategy and Capture Planning. We're working hard and having fun in this post-COVID 19 business culture. 

Back to face-to-face meetings and travel. There's much to do in this season that continues to build on my experience, while providing me with invaluable perspectives of new business pursuits.

I look forward to seeing how God will use The Dividend Factor, LLC in my next season! I'll keep you posted!

Bringing out the potential in teams to yield peak performance; individually and collectively!

"Serving others purifies our motives." John C. Maxwell

            The Dividend Factor, LLC

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